Video Recognition

What is Video Recognition?

  • In modern society, security cameras and surveillance cameras play an active role in all aspects of modern society, such as managing the operating status of factories and facilities, managing crime and disaster prevention in commercial facilities, hospitals, and schools, and managing and crime prevention of customers in branches and stores.
  • It is possible to browse videos saved on the recording server and playback recorded videos, but it takes time to find the scene you want to check.
  • With video recognition technology, you don’t need a lot of time to find the scene you want to see.
  • If you save the scene you want to check in advance as a template, the system will automatically index similar scenes. This makes it possible to easily and quickly display the scene or specific event you want to find.

Leveraging Video Recognition

  • For example, if you set templates such as “detection of moving objects in restricted areas”, “detection of objects removed”, and “intrusion into restricted roads”, you can set alarms, automatically index cases, and display images. It is also possible to notify the necessary person by e-mail etc.
  • At the manufacturing site, when there is a problem with the production line, it is possible to create a list of related images. If you analyze the video of the problem area, the improvement will be faster.
  • In addition, it can be said that there have been no solutions using image processing in the field of logistics.
  • We propose logistics management based on new ideas.
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