Multiple Batch Recognition

What is Multiple Batch Recognition?

Information is written in various formats on the outer packaging and packing case of products, products, and the information is collectively recognized by camera imaging, and incoming data and shipping data are automatically created.

For example, in the case of a medicine box

Various information is printed on the side of the box. The camera reads its sides all at once. All-in-one recognition for character reading, number reading, and barcode reading (QR code is also possible). In the case of poor recognition, a fail-safe algorithm will cause a “retry” or “error” to occur.

Possibility of Multiple Batch Recognition

  • The items, products, and management systems handled by each company are all different.
  • We use the INSP image processing engine and can propose an original management system that suits your company.
  • This makes it possible to omit manual processes and build a system that eliminates careless mistakes.

Proposal example1

For example, wholesalers can use it for inventory management. If you read the packing box at the time of arrival and create arrival data, inventory management and shipping arrangements can be performed smoothly.

Receipt information that was input manually will be created by the original customized multiple batch recognition system. In other words, accurate arrival information and inventory information are automatically created.

This prevents careless mistakes and reduces costs such as time and effort for input. 
It also prevents mistakes that lower product value, such as first-in, last-out shipping. Please help us with inventory management.

Proposal example2

For example, you can use it for shipping agricultural products.

Agricultural products vary in size and standard depending on the season and region. Speed and accuracy are important when handling produce where freshness is important.

By using multiple batch recognition, it is possible to read character information on packaging boxes without barcode information, and recognize product names, grades, sizes, quantities, etc. all at once, and quickly and efficiently product data as arrival, collection, and shipping data. management becomes possible.

You can also use it for data management of products that are sequentially auctioned at the flower market, fruit and vegetable market, etc.

Customization is limitless. Please let us know your requirements.

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