Laser Picking


What is Laser Picking?

It is a product management work instruction system that uses laser light and an image recognition system. In logistics management, we aim to improve the efficiency of retrieval and sorting work, which is a human-based task, to improve the productivity of logistics work and less human labour.

With an unprecedented error detection mechanism and a variety of work instructions that can be transmitted instantly, it will be possible to prevent erroneous deliveries. (Patent pending).

Laser picking consists of an imaging Unit(network camera, etc.), a Recognition Unit (image processing by PC, etc.), Work Instruction Unit (laser irradiation device).

Imaging Unit

A network camera or other device is used to capture images of product codes and shelf codes placed on shelves. In many cases, the camera’s standard zoom feature is used, so even small codes can be recognized instantly without any problems.

Recognition Unit

The recognition unit analyzes the image sent from the imaging unit, reads the code attached to the item, and converts the location information into data. At the same time, the shelf codes are also obtained, so if you organize them, you can grasp the positional relationship between the goods and the shelves. For example, item A is placed on shelf 01.

Work Instruction Unit

The work instruction section pinpoints the location of the goods and shelves required by the worker using a laser beam. On the other hand, work instructions can also be sent to tablet PCs, smartphones, etc. via Wi-Fi connection, so workers can receive work instructions anywhere in the facility.

In addition, since the laser irradiation device is connected via Bluetooth, there is no need to install wiring within the facility.

What are conventional systems designed to do?

Conventional systems are designed to ship large quantities of products in an orderly manner. With the adoption of the so-called billboard system of today, high-mix low-volume logistics reduce productivity and increase management costs. The current situation is what is causing it. It was difficult to solve these problems with conventional technology. This is because it is not possible to flexibly reconstruct the loading and unloading system because the shelf layout is fixed, and the equipment that has been introduced becomes difficult to use. In order to respond to the ever-accelerating needs for small lots, we believe it must be easy to optimize the arrangement of shelves to meet the needs.

Feature Comparison

                        ProjectLaser PickingList PickingEquipment Picking
Position Presentation
InstallationVery EasyEasy but ComplicatedEquipment work required
Shelf Layout
EasyEasy but ComplicatedRework required
Introduction to Large FacilitiesInexpensive and EasyTerminal cost for the number of workersCapital investment required

Various Object Recognition

  • The INSP image processing engine recognizes a variety of symbols. It is
    not necessary to introduce a new dedicated code system. You can use your company’s existing code system as it is, so you can reduce the cost associated with introducing the system. can be done.

◆Supported 1D Symbols

JAN, UPC_E, UPC_A, EAN_8, EAN_13, CODE_128, CODE_39, ITF

◆ Supported 2D Symbols

QR code

System Structure

Video by Laser Picking demo machine.

We will introduce an automatic location creation function by image processing technology and laser pointing using position acquisition technology.


Free Customization

  • The items handled, the products, and the management system all differ from company to company.
  • Laser Picking can be customized according to customer needs.
  • We will build an original goods management system together with company.

Usage Example 1

  • For example, when looking for a small part, how do you check inside the many boxes in stock?
  • If you use the laser picking system, even the small parts you need can be photographed with the app at hand. If you search, you can quickly pinpoint the position of the box containing the parts.
  • If you enter a keyword for product information, you can also list related products. You can instantly find what you need by narrowing down your search.

Usage Example 2

  • When there are various sizes and colors of the same type and shape.
  • If you pick up an item in the group with a tablet at hand, you can quickly see the inventory position by checking the inventory status.
  • There are a wide variety of search methods, but by building a system that meets company’s needs, and can eliminate unnecessary operations.
  • If you customize it so that anyone can easily operate it, you can prevent misdelivery due to careless mistakes.
  • By developing a system that meets the customer’s request, we can speedily perform everything from inventory confirmation to product shipment.
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