Image recognition technology

What is machine vision?

Machine vision is a system that performs visual inspection on behalf of human beings for specific purposes.

What is GigE Vision?

GigE Vision is a standard established by the Automated Imaging Association (AIA). The organization, which includes all major companies in the machine vision industry, aims to define a Gigabit Ethernet standard for machine vision applications that ensures compatibility between cameras and their software.

Why GigE Vision?

GigE Vision is based on Ethernet technology, which is widely used in both industrial and consumer markets, the necessary components are very inexpensive to purchase, and are already installed on the PC to be used. If you don’t need a high-cost image input board compared to using an analogy camera or Camera Link interface, it will be possible to significantly reduce the total cost of the system.

Until recently, the bandwidth of the network was Ethernet (10Mbit/s) and high-speed Ethernet (100Mbit/s), which were not suitable for machine vision applications, but with the advent of Ethernet (1000Mbit/s), real-time It is possible to secure enough bandwidth to transfer compressed images. In addition, Gigabit Ethernet is expected to expand to a larger bandwidth of 10Gbit/s in the future.

GigE Vision is essentially an interface standard designed to meet the requirements of machine vision based on Ethernet technology.

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